As Ministers of Dance in Worship, we joyfully welcome the opportunity to help you learn the basic steps for Messianic/Davidic Congregational Praise and Worship. 

Yah has called us to teach and lead congregational Dance in Worship since 1990. We travel and teach nationally at various conference events. We serve as Congregational Dance Leaders and Conference Outreach Coordinators for the Messianic Israel Alliance throughout the country. We served as Congregational Dance Leaders with Roots / Shorashim Messianic Congregation in Lynnwood, Washington for several years.

Our experience includes leadership of a Messianic congregation for 7 years in Texas. We have been happily married for over 39 years and have three beautiful children as well as three grandchildren.

In these last days, Yah is building an army of worshipers who will worship Him in “Spirit and Truth”. Our goal is to help encourage individuals to release the Spirit of rejoicing in order to Praise and Worship Him as He deserves and commands. 

The Worshiper will benefit significantly by learning additional ways of expressing the joy of honoring Yah in creative dance movements. 

The communal nature of dance in Worship has a scriptural basis. For example, in Psalm 149:3, we are instructed to "Let them praise His Name with dancing”.  Scripture also states, "Go forth in the dances of them that make merry," and "Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, both young men and old together. " (Jeremiah 31:4 & 13)

 The heavenly restoration of Tzion includes communal dance. 

There is a clear need to fuse the Spiritual with the physical.

Join the many who have answered the call in these last days to experience the Restoration of Dance in Worship.  

You were Created to Worship . . . You were Created to Dance! 

Daniel & Sylvia Calderon




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